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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I think this is something that needs to be brought up with all four of you present. It's not good that these things are said privately among two of you and then shared privately with another of you, which promotes each of you thinking forming opinions about the others and building defenses. Divisiveness could be avoided if you all come clean together.
I agree. This past week was... different and difficult. D was truly at a loss and I was trying to help him and see that he shouldn't end the relationship with Ka without at least talking with her. And trying to do damage control with her, so she wouldn't feel so terrible and keep pushing him, when he clearly wasn't listening. so, yes, things were said between 2 of us and then shared with another. That isn't the norm, but was somewhat necessary during this crisis... We are planning to have a family meeting soon. Schedules are very hectic right now and we all want to feel comfortable and un-rushed so we'll have time to truly listen to each other.
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