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Rinkle Free Darlings

Soon I shall be on Faerie Land again. I have not stepped foot on Faerie Land since I was somewhat less youthful, somewhat less middle aged. So it's perfect that the latest issue of RFD, a Faerie magazine, is called Rinkle Free Darlings, and features this delightful lad on its cover.

I'm going with this guy I met on Faerie Land, and we were so much younger sixteen/seventeen years ago. We have grey in our hair/beards..., some Rinkles.... And as I gazed at the Cover Boy ... well let me just say that I still have some of my youthful beauty left and I intend to make the most of it while it lasts. And let me add that I'd not like to be twenty-something again, and that I'm glad I survived it! Still, I could feel my heart sink looking at Cover Boy. He's so cute! We were all so cute back then, before all of the hard knocks and the "learning experiences" which we managed somehow to survive, and which made our eyes glow. Didn't our eyes begin to glow? Aren't we on fire? Don't we have our Second Childhood? Are we not awake? Aren't the stars and the crickets and the meals and the conversations...? Aren't they! Now that the clock is ticking so loudly along with the calendar pages..., which fall away amidst the stars and the crickets and....
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