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Janice is basically a character who has been polyamorous but is especially attached to polyamory. When she meets Jerod, an extremely devout Catholic and falls for him, she agrees to marry him and become monogamous, but also wants him to understand who she is...

Janice Straub [01]

Janice and Jerod lay on a hammock under a shady tree in the French countryside. Janice had finally managed to convey the fine art of massaging the stress out of a woman's back without asking for permission to Jerod and he was a slow but determined student.

Even though he was right behind her he had 3ded her on his i2 so that his face appeared in front of her in order for her to still be able to read his lips as he spoke. It was a neat trick that they had discovered so that they could spend lazy afternoons like this with him learning to massage her properly. As he studied her back with his fingers she was telling him the story of traveling to Massachusetts with Randy Savoy. She missed him tremendously and hoped that he was okay. They had recieved reports that Cambridge had come under attack and that was his last known location.

She told Jerod about how scary the voyage to France was, traveling alone, with dangerous vibrations all around. And then the staging areas were a very terrifying place for a young black woman to be alone, but many people in the staging area were very kind and she had made it into France quite quickly and easily. And then France had been so wonderful to her. The French had taught her how to speak with her mouth so flawlessly that people could no longer even tell she was deaf unless she told them. French and English.

And then France had shown her even more things that she'd never imagined existed. UUtopius had been a wonderous hidden society full of the greatest people she'd ever known, but France was a whole country. She could travel and get to know the people and places. In Paris she had met Senator Bove and he had such great ideas about how the world, and even France, could be better. He had invited her to come stay here and she had never left. And all of the people that lived out here in the countryside were so wonderful to her. Their small Catholic church was filled with people who were so caring and compassionate and determined to do the Lord's work. She didn't think that Jerod needed to build any secret society here, she felt that he could just integrate himself into the public society that already existed. She felt that he had a lot to offer the people of this region.

Jerod could not believe that she had agreed to marry him and she seemed to need to reassure him at least once every few hours that she had said yes. She was worried that there were still things that he needed to understand that needed to be communicated to him and so she began to explain them.

"Jerod. I know you don't seem to think much of the UUtopians..."

"No, I think they're fine people," he tried to interrupt, but as a deaf person it was her prerogative to pretend that she hadn't been watching the i2 and hadn't seen his lips moving. She continued on, speaking over him, if he tried to interject.

"but they are the family that I feel most at home with. I love them all so much. And I just have to say that I have sensed in you an animosity against polyamorous people. And I am a polyamorous person. At UUtopius the lines are a lot more blurry as to what is right and wrong. When I was young, my first two best friends were Selena Juarez and Astasha Yun. We were such great friends; completely inseperable. And by the time we were all seventeen we were lovers, the three of us. I miss Selena and Astasha so much, I can't even describe it and I will always, always love them. And as Astasha began dating Danny Fire she kind of, well... shared him with us. And I have come to love him too. And I will always love him. And I had one other boyfriend at UUtopius, who I hope is still alive, and I will always love him too. And so these are things you should know about me before we get married. I have no problem not having sex with any of those people any more, that isn't really going to bother me. But you should know that if I ever see any of those people again, we will be in love. They will know what it is like to make love to me, and I them, and they will be in love with me still, and I them, and even with all of our clothes on we are still going to be very much in love, and it will be quite obvious, and you are going to have to be okay with that if you intend to be my husband for very long."

Jerod simply replied "I know," and continued to massage her back. She couldn't tell if he was really as okay with it as he seemed, but she loved him and wanted to believe that he was okay with it.
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