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Originally Posted by PipersGirl View Post
It's probably frustration on my part because until 2 or 3 months ago, Ka seemed quite content with the way things were. She was getting far more time and more sex with D that either Ki or myself. . . . When D and I were talking last weekend, I said I believed that if Ka can't be his only, she wants to be number one. D confirmed that in the past couple of weeks, she has asked him if he loves her as much as me or me as much as her, or who does he love the most. He told her that's not how it worked and asked why she asking that. She told him she wanted to be number one and be the most loved. He told her that was divisive and it wasn't going to be that way.
I think this is something that needs to be brought up with all four of you present. It's not good that these things are said privately among two of you and then shared privately with another of you, which promotes each of you thinking forming opinions about the others and building defenses. Divisiveness could be avoided if you all come clean together.

Oh, and I wholeheartedly agree with this:
Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post
It's great, though, that you all are there for her, that D is being firm, but loving, and that she is getting support and love while she works through this.
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