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Default My writings

So I've been an author since I could type (I wrote my first book at age 7 (an unofficial adaptation of the movie Star Wars (22 pages: illustrated))). And I write a LOT. A lot lot.

I have been polyamorous for almost 6 years and I was in a relationship with a polyamorous woman for more than a year before that. So in the last five years my writing has intersected with polyamory a LOT.

So as near as I can tell it's okay for me to post my writings. I tried to ask and got no response. If admins decide they are stealth spam or need to be deleted for whatever reason then no ruffled feathers here.

Anyway, I wrote these two books a few years back. Easily the best books I have written. They are fiction. The backstory is basically: 50 years in the future the world totally sucks because nobody has done anything about all of the problems we see today and they just get worse and worse. The world is even more overrun by greedy corporations and the ecosystem is in the crapper and the media brainwashes everyone to believe that this is all well and fine so very few people are objecting.

Some people, however, object very strenuously. And among those people doing the objecting there is a subculture of polyamory. The books are definitely more about political things and not so much about polyamory, but there are some really interesting characters that have some really interesting intersections with the themes of polyamory and monogamy and I wanted to post three excerpts about three such characters.
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