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Originally Posted by lovinhimloviner View Post
did anything beside communication and honesty help you get over the fact that you were dating a married person? .
Three words - mono relationship experience

I know you've probably already heard me say this in comments but:

Having a healthy traditional mono relationship was critical for me. I achieved and experienced things in a unique way that I could not have done in a relationship with a shared partner.

A lack of experience with a person who expresses love the same way is one of the reasons I don't recommend mono/poly relationships to most people. It works both ways; I don't recommend this type of relationship to poly people for the same reasons.

There are so many external factors to deal with that a person may never get to thier internal issues. Peer pressure, parental approval and society judgement aside, there is the basic need in a lot of people to experience what others around them have. That's where my experience made the difference....I had it all in a tradtitional sense and know what the grass looks like on both sides. I haven't missed out on anything.

Again it all comes down to relationship expectations; future gaols and what the person wants to achieve.

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