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Right... ahem. So that was a rant. Anyway. Moving right along...

So the kissing/nekkid-pics-that-weren't/roommie's brother/dude-who-I-hesitate-to-name has been either busy or withdrawn, somewhat. He hasn't said anything about the links I sent him. Good sign, though - after a day or two of mostly silence or short answers, he was back to being flirtatious via text message last night. I like the flirting. I hope we can arrive at some sort of agreement to let things just be what they will be.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, though. His sister was rabid when she talked to Romeo about her suspicions that night last weekend. She hasn't said a damn thing to me, or I would have pounced on the opportunity to tell her that we're adults and that's personal.

I'm apprehensive about talking to the roommates. It needs to happen soon, though. The lease ends August 31, and I believe we need to let the leasing office know by July 31 if we're not going to renew the lease. I haven't been getting any promising results from, either. At this point, though, I'm almost willing to temporarily move in with Romeo's stuffy parents just to get away from the roommates. Almost. Not quite.
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