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Hmm... wow, being present is a great one too! I tend toward anxiety and worry-- and the possibilities of bad outcomes. I won't say that some of that isn't somewhat useful as I TEND to be able to see things that might be bad ideas before my hubs does... but, the truth is the future is not written and focusing on the bad stuff that *could* happen can often be wasted negative energy.

I have been working hard on integrating these two things. I will tell my husband my concerns, especially when I see things that I'm fairly sure will not end well, but then I have to let it go and take each day as it comes and it will work itself out however it is going to. I'm finding that if I can express my concerns (calmly and succinctly and not in a stressed state), and feel like they have been HEARD, even if nothing changes because of them, I am more likely to be able to then let it go. It's kind of a "I've done all I can do" feeling. Anything after that is really not up to me.

On the other hand if I try to push those concerns down and ignore them, my anxiety levels skyrocket and those concerns will come out, usually when I'm trying to sleep. My subconscious "will not be ignored!!" to quote a very scary movie involving stewed rabbits.
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