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Well, af was marshaling her forces for a really bad day. I guess it is better than the alternative but it's very painful. I just hope that she doesn't align herself to come around the 20th next month, that's our 6 yr wedding anniversary. As of Aug 7th, we will have been together for 7.5 years.

I am wondering if I just have the 7 yr itch or if I am letting my lonelyness drive this poly thing. I have always known that I have a large capacity for love but I did the serial monogamy thing that ppl did in my generation because even if you weren't sleeping with them, you were a slut if you dated more than one at a time.

I think that has largely driven the divorce rate in this country. People don't date around enough and settle for what they can find. That isn't the case for me as I did date several men before finding Mike and just knowing that he wa the right man for me and he still is. I just need more now.

I need an identity other than mom and wife. I need to know that I have merit as a person separate from my family and serving them. Don't get me wrong, I love my family very much but I guess that I feel that they have taken me over.
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