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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Most triads of the nature you describe, that start the way you describe, crash and burn after the NRE sex ends.
Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Any kind of exploration should be for yourself and your own healthy exploration of your sexuality, not just for your husband's pleasure.
These two. Bringing another woman into your bed might feel like a really smart plan that kills two flies with one strike; it feels less like cheating on your husband AND allows you to explore your bicuriosity without having to deal with your own internalized homophobia.

Trust me; it's a shitty plan. When you and your husband are on a healthy-enough ground to start exploring responsible non-monogamy, do it separately. Pursue your own interests and if you decide to take things further with a woman of your OWN choice, do it in an environment where you don't have to face the pressure of someone looking and getting their jollies out of watching you, as if you were performing for them.
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