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@derbylicious, I really agree with you about sitting with things and mulling them over. I'm the same way. And I communicate much better in writing usually too.

@mono I don't think that not talking about the emotions you are feeling is surpressing them - supressing them to me would be trying to not feel them. I have a lot of emotions that I feel but don't talk about with anyone - either they pass quickly or it's hard to sort out what I'm feeling and why...

@sage, I'm pretty emotional too, thankfully slowly I'm learning how to manage my emotions better so I don't get swept away by them. I'm less reactive to things that used to be huge triggers, and am working on allowing the emotions to flow over me, rather than getting wrapped up in them. I think it's a long term project. The good news is that there's increasing evidence that working with our emotions through awareness, labeling, etc. actually strengthens the pathways from our neocortex ("thinking" brain) to our "emotional brain" (the amygdala-mediated system). By strengthening this connection our "thinking brain" becomes more able to regulate our emotions.

@satisfiction - I have read a bit of Ken Wilber's work, and I hope to get more into it. I have a copy of Integral Psychology on my bookshelf begging to be read! Would love to hear more about the meditation you mentioned.

@minxxa - I think your point about managing your overall stress level is a really good one. I notice when I'm more stressed in general that things trigger me emotionally more and are harder to deal with

@dingedheart - I really liked what you said "If something is continually making me feel bad then I must do something to feel better" - so true about course correction

@carma - so true about being present. So many problems only exist when looking into the future. What do you do to stay present?
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