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Originally Posted by righthandwife View Post
issues i am trying to work through include: can i ever have legal protection in this relationship and if so, how do i get it? what kinds of contracts do people sign to create "marriages" in the context of polyamory? how legally free is he to sign a contract with me if he's already legally married? how do i live openly as a person who is sharing a man? how do i "come out" as it were or at least move our relationship to one that is more open? how "safe" is it out there for poly people in committed relationships? what strategies do other people use? how can she and i have separate lives/relationships with him and still have it "work?" is there anyone else having this kind of relationship? i worry about future asset division and children and things of that sort and am looking for ways to address these fears as i move forward...
I have read that some poly folks do form corporations or LLCs as a way to have some sort of legal protection, though I don't know anything about it at all. I think I saw reference to it on the Polyamorous Percolations blog (
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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:
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