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I suffer from jealously myself. What helps me is understanding why im jealous first then deciding if its really worth the energy to be that upset? I usually find that the time and energy spent being jealous out weighs what ever is bothering me. The other thing is talk to her. I had this exact conversation with LR. I told her I felt left out cause I didnt have someone to be with like she does, and you know what she asked me what I was looking for in a GF and she got hot and bothered by it and we had a great time.

I agree with HMA trade off some time with her. Last thing you want is to feel resentment because your home with the kids all the time while she is out playing( Not good for you , the kids , or her).

I completely understand not wanting a one night stand also. I told LR lastnight in the tub that Im not sure I can find another woman and even if I did could I fall for them..< She told me to try it and see> simple as that.Point is I think your wife would back you up if you talked to her honestly..

Good luck.. Peace and Love
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