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Default Affection in my eyes

Well I have a question and I KNOW there are those out there <NUGDE NUDGE> that may have some input.

Im in a V ... LR is the hinge. Her other C lives with us. Im having issues with SEEING affectionate exchanges between them. I have talked to LR about the fact that I dont want to SEE them kissing or that I dont want to walk in on them in bed together. I have also let her know that I DONT have issue with her saying "I love you" to him or hugs.

I know that they have sex and are affectionate with each other when Im not around.I also know that my ISSUE stems from MY OWN issues with not feling loved or worth being loved so much or that I may be left for someone better. Im working through these feelings.But as of right now I have to be honest with what I can handle and what Im not ready to handle yet.

I feel as though Im not being fair to LR or C by asking them to refrain from doing these things in front of me. As I stated before we are a V not a triad (nor will us 3 ever be.. striaght as a board).

Sooo.. . Just out of curiousity how do the rest of you address this.
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