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Post Adventure, Travel & Romance awaits young slender Girl or Girls

Adventure, Love & Romance awaits young slender girl. Are you interested in a Gypsy Lifestyle in search of; Simple Pleasures, Hidden & Lost Treasures, meeting & making friends with new people, setting up new businesses as we travel around America


I'm looking for affectionate willing to try, sincere, open-minded, clean, honest, female-life-mate or mates who has NO ADDICTIONS, loves kids, ATV's, 4-wheeling, animals, even tans, swimming, camping, hunting, making love, (warning girls nympho here) massages, H2O, Native American anything, hiking, white water, repelling, caving, horses, prospecting/mining, photography, making movies, desert living, single mom prefered.

I'll climb every mountain, Forage every stream, Follow every rainbow, Till I find my Dream... Could she be you?

Let me introduce myself...first..... I'm a Educated Born-Again "child of God", Man name is Gypsy I'm 6'5" 240#; with dark brown/black hair all over my body with a neat beard and a full head of hair down to the middle of my back. You could call me a teddy bear.

I don't drink, smoke, cuss, chew, gamble, snore, kick covers, do drugs, or raise my hand to kids or my girl. I don't even drink coffee. Can't get the smell past my nose.

I was raised on Country Sun Shine and Old Fashioned Ways. "I've done", What others only dream of! I am a wilderness explorer, Naturists, Naturalist, Survivalist, Adventurous, Treasure Hunter, Speleologist (caver), Gypsy, Photojournalists, Time Traveler, Indie Film Maker and a Romantic. I have been called across between Dances with Wolves, Indiana Jones and MacGyver.

I am honest, very affectionate, caring, kind, forward/assertiveness, devoted, loving, romantic, warm, strong yet gentle, friendly, clean, understanding, loyal, open-minded, and family oriented. I love kids and can cook, bake, sew, iron, wash, clean, make my own clothes and more. I'm even potty trained! Meaning I was taught to put the seat back down after I finished.

I'm into adventure, animals, outdoors, ATV's, motorcycles (Harleys), exploring, the Simple Lifestyle, skinny dipping, displays my affection in public, camping, canoeing, mountains, Mountain Dew, water, ghost hunting, paranormal investigating, roller blading, volleyball, riding horses, chasing rainbows, biking, beaches, even tans, nature, long walks, bare footing, caving, repelling, movies, being forward and bold, being crazy and different willing to try new things and would like to find the right girl or girl's who would like to share a life with one man under the stars. We'll touch the sky. Feel like a swan as we glide across a quiet lake in a canoe. Go sled ridding in the middle of the summer down a sand dune. Leave the ground beneath us as I take you for a ride with the eagles, Explore the back country 4 wheeling. Run the waves on the water and explore new and hidden reefs along the shore. Let the wind be at our backs as we journey through time and being as we embark on simple pleasures together.

Turn On; L o n g T - S h I r t s, candlelight, full moons, bare footing, Strawberries, tight jeans, long soft kisses, a walk arm in arm, being honest, wild animals, the wind in my hair - the sun touching my body, skirts, assertiveness, being natural and my girls...

Turn Off; Not telling the truth, clothes, Make-Up, perfume, cities, litter, Sarcasm, loud noises, obesity, cold days, bad kissing, textile world, plastic people, head games, inconsiderate or judgmental people, gossip, jealousy, selfishness, money, one line letters back to me from this letter, football, baseball or any other sport played with a ball, man made chemicals and broken glass...

I am a well educated man who has done everything that I have ever wanted to do. yet one thing and that is to share it again with my girl. I don't believe in the title housewife! Because the girl that I marry will marry me and not my house. I want to share in the house chores. I'm not a coucher, one who sits in front of the tv set yelling and drinking over some game on the set. There is too much more to life then to waste it like that. I like to enjoy life and my girl in what ever we do. "I don't", go out with the guys! My friends are yours and most of my friends have families and you are a part of me to share and share alike, where I go I hope you would too.

If your into adventure, I mean real Adventure as in hanging on to the edge and letting go...... down, down, down you slide on the rope as you rappel into a dark void into the center of the earth to explore the underground world. Or as if to travel back into time by exploring ghost towns and things gone by.... Climb a mountain to find out the secrets it can reveal.... Go canoeing in total darkness with just the lights off your helment as we explore underground passages and rivers... Go water sliding down a mountain slide rock and splash into clean water to escape the heat of the day.... Go sled ridding in the middle of the summer down a sand dune... Pry open every corner, every crack to see what is there.... This is not all that awaits you.......

Do you enjoy the simple pleasures? To sleep under the stars and watch them race around in the sky.... To hear the babbling brook run near by.... To hear the cry of the wild sing you to sleep. To hear the ocean slap against the shore in the never ending rhythm of the waves.... Listen to the birds sing there songs to wake you to the fresh mountain air. and lots more.....

Do you hunger for romance? Sure anyone can be romanced but how far will they go. It take romance to get you but, it takes three times as much to keep you..... For I will search every field, valley, bank and mountain top just to find you a flower to bring to you to show you how I feel. Please forgive me for this flower holds nothing to your beauty to me, but my love I pray it lighten your day... Honey let me share with you all things, for you are my wife and not my slave. I asked you to marry me and not my house. I have filled the bed with rose peddles let me ................................

This man waits you my Lady come reach out and give me your hand..... Lets travel with the eagles across a mountain top and sore through out the land........

The only way my dear your going to find out anything is by opening up your heart .... telling me all about you.... your likes..... your dislikes..... your description.... and all of the rest is by responding.....

Yesterday is gone we can't get it back. Now will never come again. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It's your choice now.

I don't look at age, I look at love and things we have in common....

I've been called a hunk by many girls... Please send a detailed letter about your self and your kids, if you have any...


Thank you for letting me into your heart... I hope that I have warmed you as much as I enjoyed writing this letter to you. I have shared with you all of the information about myself so that I could introduce myself to you.

I only hope this has brought warmth to your heart and hope that my search is over that you could be my treasure. I will await your responses.

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