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Originally Posted by Brat View Post
however my hubby would want to get to know the wife and see if they hit it off. Then it would turn into a wife swapping of sorts, but where both females would be with each other and each other's hubby's. I am not sure that my hubby would accept that. I am fairly certain that the husband would think it over. I have talked to her briefly about it. And the ideal situation (FOR ME) would be that this works out and i can keep all 3 of these amazing people that I love in my life for an extended period of time. (My kids love those 2 and their 3 kids love me) and I feel like if we all worked at it, and put past hurt behind, that we COULD make it work.
Why would you promote this? Why would you promote a triad? I never understand why people start in this area... seriously, if you want a vee, stick with it.... the answer seems clear to me, "no, I would prefer a vee...." Why? Because it is unlikely that you will create a triad out of thin air. They usually create themselves out of friendships and through one person dating the person... and a quad wife swapping thing? Ya, likely not to happen either. The chance of your husband fitting in is pretty remote for the long haul (which it sounds like what you want). Trying to create reality out of fantasy is potentially damaging to the ego and just not realistic I think. I think if I were you I would hold to my guns and keep promoting the vee you want. It might seem useless at this point, but really, if you think about it, its more realistic and possible at this point. Why play into this fantasy he has? Sure he might get off a couple of times during sexy times... but for the long haul? Ya, for what its worth, stick with reality... this is what I have learned and seen anyway...
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