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I asked my client today what she did to help out around the program I work in. Her goal is to offer to help out with things like putting the dishes in the dish washer, carrying the bag we take on outings, pushing the shopping cart, that sort of thing... this is what I was expecting her to say she had done. With a big grin on her face she said that she had given various people a hug. This is why people with cognitive disabilities have so much to teach us "normal" people. *tear* I gave her a hug and thanked her for being awesome.

If people with cognitive and developmental disabilities can take on the job of caring for others including their caregivers... imagine what other lessons we can learn from them! To me that is more advanced than most people I know.

In regards to words of affirmation....

I think for me I just need to be appreciated. Not in a big way, just daily with words of thanks, love and acknowledgement of what I do for others... I am pretty good with the self love, self worth and self esteem stuff... ya, just a quiet, "thank you" would suffice. I do get that, just not from those that take the most. Ain't that just how it is?

Had a date with Leo last night. It has left me feeling loved and appreciated and cherished.... I'm grateful for that being created in me because of him This is what makes it worth fighting for.
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