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Sounds like they have unresolved issues, with does NOT bode well for you. Sit them down, both together, and without bringing up specifics, state openly in the presence of both that you have recieved conflicting information from them and that you want to help them through it. Then do so if you are able to maintain that kind of nuetrality (it comes naturally to me, I have to remind myself that such is not the case for most, lol). If you aren't comfortable with being part of the discussion, make it clear that you want to discuss the outcome of their talking sessions with BOTH of them, AT THE SAME TIME, so there are no miscommunications in what you hear at the end. And you had better be ready to accept that they might not be ready for you - or that they aren't good together.

In any event, you are either in a position to help them through - a difficult place for a "3rd" or a "secondary" - or you need to distance yourself and save yourself the drama train that's heading down this tunnel!
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