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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
...maybe that ties into it?
Well, if we think in terms of an evolutionary biology of the pair bond ... as mainly about insuring that infants and children have both a mother and a father to take care of them until biological maturity, yeah, we live well beyond that time now. But I think there's much more going on biologically than just this parenting need. I think biology should conceive humans as profoundly social animals, with sociality extending well beyond the modern concept of family (nuclear) into extended family in a tribal context. That's what we were for 99.?? percent of our biological history -- and so that's the sort of species we simply are. Sex is a major part of our sociality, and so stuff like homosexuality, bisexuality, non-monogamy ... and the like begin to make biological sense! Sex isn't JUST about procreation. Never has been for humans. It's been part of how we bond with one another and form cooperative and collaborative life-ways, which obviously constitutes a biological strategy. Our strategic niche in the biotic community is largely our innate and intrinsic sociality, our being and working together in mutual care.

In this light, it's not hard to see that monogamy has both an advantage and a disadvantage to the health of the community.
Too rigid a pair bond and the community itself loses its glue. Too little glue in the parental pair, and Mama is on her own, somewhat.
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