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It was a combination of text messages and posts on here. I have talked to hubby today and he understands what I have been feeling. i know this sounds stupid but I didn't talk to him before because i kept hoping I could deal with it on my own and I wouldn't have to bother anyone with how I was feeling. The crying for no reason all day only happens on days where I am feeling neglected or like today when i feel like I have messed it all up. I would love for him to post on here but he isn't good with sharing his feelings and isn't sure how to put them into words. I was doing so good hadn't cried like this in a week or two. but as soon as I got home and started getting text messages it was over again. All the good I thought was happening went out the window. I feel like a hamster on a wheel trying to get to that place that may not even exist for me but trying and trying then someone reaches in and stops the wheel and I go flying. Head over heels and splatting on the ground all over again.
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