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Originally Posted by Brat View Post
Am I just being selfish for wanting the best of both worlds (My family and theirs) or am I being reasonable in thinking that this could work?? The couple have been living a Poly lifestyle for a few years, and have been swingers before.. but I dont want this to be just a sexual thing. I want to be able to have one big family!

I am excited thinking about it, scared that i could end up hurt, or that they will end up hurt if i come into their life again and have to leave.

Hi Brat,

I don't think you are being 'selfish'. But I also think you are letting fantasy block out reality.
Could it work - in some far away fantasy land ? Of course !
Will that happen ? Based only on what you've written - not likely.
Like you' I've lived this fantasy for a short while and there's a piece of me that longs for it forever - not just for myself but for everyone !
But in that fantasy world there are only emotionally stable people, happy people, not stress or burdens, no sickness, etc
That's NOT the world we live in.

Would I indulge myself in this situation again, knowing that it was unlikely to last ?

You bet I would ! Without a thought or reservation !

Because to live that for even a week is confirmation of all it is to be human.

And I want that.

You - will have to decide for yourself if the pleasure is worth the pain.

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