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A few things occur to me: it sounds like you are perhaps grieving your relationship with your husband, which has changed radically. That is not a bad thing, necessarily, but change sometimes takes time to deal with. I would try to find ways to combat depression because it sounds like you are a little of that as well.

Also, it looks like you and your husband really need to communicate better, and to reconnect. You feel he is not treating you as well or as respectfully as he did or should - talk, talk, talk! But find specifics to say, otherwise he won't know what to do with it. Tell him exactly what he does or doesn't do that is hurtful to you, AND ask him not to interrupt but to truly listen!

You mentioned seeing a therapist - maybe he should go along with you for at least a few sessions. I also think it would be good for him to join and post his side here.

I just read your post on SunDrop's thread. I still think you are shouldering much more burden in making these relationships work than you need to. So, what was it that happened last night that opened your eyes to how SunDrop feels?
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