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The only thing I wasn't ok with was how I felt my husband.....I don't know, felt about me or treated me. I am ok with the time and the relationship. The thought of her walking away breaks my heart. not just for my hubby but for me and the kids too. I don't think she realizes how important she is to all of us. Maybe she does I don't know I obviously don't know her as well as I thought. I know I would NEVER let some random chick this far into my family if I didn't know with out a shadow of a doubt that she was perfect for my hubby. My kids are 13, 8, 7 and 6. I try to protect them from getting their heart broke too. I opened my life, my world my everything to SD and try to help her with get used to this life. I will always worry she isn't cut out for it but hell I worry about that with my self. I don't have people to talk to about this. People don't understand me or why I enjoy seeing my husband with someone who I feel makes him happier than I can. Not to mention if I say anything then it might have been passed around town and blown way out of proportion.
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