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So you and Rob had sex while he was separated and before you met Tom. You stopped having sex with Rob when he said he was going to do a 6 week trial with his wife. You started dating Tom.

I would say that if you were to resume a sexual relationship with Rob that Tom needs to know. As far as I can see though you acted in good faith under the impression that Rob was already separated from his wife and then you broke off the sexual part of the relationship when you learned that wasn't the case anymore.

You can tell Tom about the past if you want to and if it will sit easier on your conscience but being that what transpired between you and Rob happened before Tom was on the scene I don't think it's something that needs to be shared if you just think it's going to cause more pain than it's worth.

ETA If you're going to resume a sexual relationship with Rob Tom needs to know. If it's going to be extremely painful for Tom why not just wait till the 6 weeks are up and the separation is official?
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