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ok... so I told him that I want things to be more than just physical... I want this to be am emotional relationship with the fun being an added bonus.

We have dealt with this before, and he had a deep emotional connection with her, as did I, and she got into a bad place in her life and left. I was crushed, hubby was hurt, but not as badly as I was. He is afraid that I will be the one to get hurt again this time. It's hard to keep walls built up around someone (or multiple people) who you already know you love.

I am definetly all for taking things slow. (Couple lives just over an hour away from us) so this would HAVE to be something more than just fun.

Spoke with wife a bit more, she feels like her life is a mess and doesnt want to drag me back into it. Her and I have shared a spiritual connection unlike anything I have ever felt before. even all these miles apart, I can still sense when she is hurt, upset, happy.. and at first it was a scary thing, now it's something that I enjoy (Even the hurt and upset feelings)

Still need to talk to hubby and her husband and see if this is something that everyone would be ready for.

thanks for not telling me im a crazy, insane, selfish person!
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