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Originally Posted by sundrop View Post
dont delete you stuff becuase of me .. Obviously you dont know me all that well while I could really do without the entire world knowing my business it really doesnt matter to me . I will be fine I always am you venting doesnt bring me down doesn't change the way I think or feel , Just makes me realize I need to change some stuff and makes me wonder if I am really cut out for this lifestyle things which I always wonder about nothing your posts have brought up so keep on talking keep on trucking its all gunna be fine . It doesnt matter what my friends think it doesnt matter what my crazy mom thinks or does I am going to do what I want regardless of anyone thinks says or does . So u keep on getting ur advice and talking to people who know what your going thru cuz Every little things gunna be allright
I am not deleting it because of you. I don't need the extra drama in my life that this has caused. It does matter to you that that I post on here. I know you are cut out for anything in life. I might not be real happy right now but I know you are a strong person. Honestly I would rather he be gone every night and him be happy than you walking away, or talking about walking away every time I say or do something wrong. You will do whatever you want because you are a grown woman and don't need anyone or anything. But he needs you. I will deal with my issues in my head where it is safe from damaging anything else in my life. I know you think I am just selfish or looking for the sympathy vote but your wrong. I really was doing everything I could think of to help you with all of this. I'm just not like you I guess so it just keeps back firing. I am sorry. I really want to two of you to be happy so I will shut up and back off. Have a good day.
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