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I'm not sure how what we were talking about relates HMA? These women of yours are half your age! Of course Anne jokes about you having other women! She's only just started on her love path and really may be mature but not wise yet. She has a whole life time of lovers awaiting her, as does violet. You and I babes are on the down turn. We've lived some shit, become jaded, and baggage ladden. With that is a richness that someone who is 21 doesn't have. A richness that I personally find far more attractive in women my age than young women. In men too for that matter.

I am happy for you that you are having some good times and have some young lovin, but I wonder what kind of future that will have when you are 60 and they 40? I know what its like to be 40 (well almost), I don't want no wrinkly ass old guy. Ewww!

Yup I would be fearful about anyone at 2 monthes joking about other women for you to play with. It just doesn't hark of the comittment this thread talks about. The freedom part, yes! Perhaps she is hoping for a little extra herself. And why not! At her age, what you three have was what I called dating, not poly.

As a general question to the world... Why has that changed??!!! Please tell me you young ones who read. Why bog oneself down with those terms when you are supposed to be fucking everyone! Falling in love at the drop of a hat and getting your heart broken just as much.

HMA, thanks for giving me the inspiration for another thread starter! You rock! Sorry I rocked your boat again but I ain't no Ceoli. Lovely as you are Ceoli. I just can't get my words out as nicely as you apparently. I seem to be closer to the ygirl end.
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