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I am not late, it started on time but it is only super light pink/brown intermittent spotting and this is the 4th day of that. My period usually starts light and then by day 2 or 3 is super heavy for 3 or 4 days and lasts about 8 days total. I am not getting on any bc until we actually find a compatible person as we have a high deductible plan for insurance and will have to pay everything until we hit $2400 in costs and after that we still pay 10% until we hit $4k. We did buy a lot of the kind of condom that I have to use and I am really good at tracking my cycle. I am wondering if it's pregnancy because we had sex the day that I ovulated and I have been reading that sometimes, vasectomies fail and hubby has a thing that he does that could make that more likely that we didn't think of that when he had it done. My first guess is stress though as we have had a lot of stress lately with all that has been going on. Thanks for your words though, Chris, it helps to know that someone is actually reading my posts.
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