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There are many things to think about here. Maybe they have been in a swinging life for year but the whole seeing her husband totally in love with someone else has never happened before. Maybe this is all just as new for her as it is for you and she just needs some time. It is not necessary for you to ďdateĒ his family too. Just because she might have a way of how she would like life to turn out doesnít mean she doesnít know that one day her husband will be splitting his time between your house and hers. It just might be easier for her to adjust to all of this upheaval right now by having you there so she can get used to it. If she says something that bothers you or that you donít want to know tell her that is isnít something you want to hear. Like a wise person once said ďIím not you I donít think like you so you have to tell meĒ I bet if you gave her a chance to work on her you will find life can be much better. I know for me EVERYTHING changed last night. My eyes are open now and I will leave you alone. I donít expect you to come hang out with us because I know how you really feel about me now. I will respect your life and privacy. I wonít text you or try to talk to you if you donít want. He can live his life I am not worried about me getting used to things anymore because it doesnít really matter. I have been trying to do everything I can to make transitioning into the life easier but I guess I have been too worried about you and your feelings that I couldnít see how I was acting I guess. I will need to know that when I do get time with him that the night will not be filled with all of this drama as soon as I get off work that usually ruins what time I have with him. I know the last thing either on us needs is shit talking to him against the other. It is not good and I donít do it to you. Every time I think things are going good then SMACK right in the face. I care about you because my husband loves you so very much and I never want to see him hurting. And I know when you do walk away from all of this because of whichever reason you tell yourself he will be devastated. Everyone cares about you and I guess that sucks for you. I am sorry if I was tooÖ.everything. Now that I know how you really feel about me I will leave you alone.
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