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I haven't read what you wrote yet (but am looking forward to it!).

Right now I've found I have several ways of managing emotions. First my overall general way is doing yoga several times a week. For me, this brings down my general anxiety level to a point where I am more rational and see things a little more objectively in general.

When something emotional comes up, I tend to do two things. Journal it, mostly to get out the ranting detritus venting that I need to do before I can get down to the "meat" of what the issue is. And secondly, I have a good friend I talk to and she helps me tons by just listening, being empathetic, relating to me and making me feel like I'm not an overreacting nutcase .

Usually at that point I have figured out the issue that needs to be discussed (if there is one), and can do it in a more direct, unemotional manner which is more helpful to us right now.

Mind you, my husband is 3,000 miles away right now so I have plenty of time and space to be miffy. When he gets home this more than likely will have to change. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, and it's one of the things we'll have to talk about... what to do when these things come up and we're in the same room. :-/

And now I will go read...
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