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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post

I know I will take a little heat for sure from a lot of people in this but in cases of definitive boundaries there should be radical honesty.

I fully expect people to question the resilience of our relationship after reading this thread. We do not live in a fairy tale world, we are very realistic. Just this weekend Redpepper and I had a serious and sad discussion about sustainability of our love as it is. I have my concerns about it; I am not so sure our different natures and social backgrounds/circles can come to terms in a long term healthy way in the "forever" sense. I do know we will be connected and always share love however.

Peace and love

Although I have only been with another woman ,while commited to one allready, once before( 3 some with LR and another woman).I can feel the love in conversing with LR about what /when/who I think I would be interested in. Hell I may discover that there just isnt anyone out there for me besides LR and I could and would be happy with just that.

Little off subject

I would dare say Mono that the only thing you are mono in is SEX cause you understand live and love what it truly means to be poly. Honesty, communication, compassion, being true to yourself, and loving others. I think your poly BI or mono BI which ever sounds better :P
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