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I'm just a person who wants to see a working example, not just hear ot theorize about it. I just don't see it working around me and am fully aware that it is not for me.

I'm not poly...I've merely found something that against all odds works for me. I'm not asking anyone to change, but I am not wanting to change either. As long as people are happy and healthy I will be fullfilled. I would never say you can't do anything, I'm just saying I won't do it with you.
Fair enough, but you also seem to be saying that models that do exist and work well for many people out there don't work because they don't fit your view of how relationships should be or because you haven't seen it. It's fine that they don't work for you, but many times (and please correct me if I'm wrong) I'm reading a subtext of value judgments on varied relationships styles.

While I'm sure you're very attractive, what you choose to do with me isn't in question.
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