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I just wanted to say congratulations for breaking free of religious conditioning and experiencing the freedom of new communities!

I have done that journey too and it's a great one. One thing I would recommend is not to throw everything you learned from your religion out the window. There will be some wise foundations in there that you can hold on to, and give you a sense of anchoring as you delve into new worlds.

There is definitely a process to learning how to be honest with yourself, and with others. There is often a lot of stuff that is hiding in the shadows that you don't even know about and they can come up and surprise you sometimes (like jealousy). It takes practice to identify them (eg triggers), so don't beat yourself up if you don't get it straight away, or all the time. Keep those lines of communication to yourself and to other people open. Have a strong sense of integrity in everything you do and stick to your guns and do what you truly want to do/say rather than what you think might be expected of you (this goes for all situations, not just poly). People respect integrity way more than bending.

Enjoy your new two ladies, it sounds like you're going to have some wonderful experiences there.
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