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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
For me, the freedom lies in who's choice it is. I've known people who have built multiple long term life building partnerships while still being open to additional partnerships. They do so knowing how to make their choices in ways that allow their other partnerships to remain balanced. They do so with intentionality and responsibility to the commitments they already have. But they still have the freedom to make those choices for themselves.

For me, being poly is about the freedom to make spaces for the people in my life, not to find people for the spaces in my life.
I understand what you are saying, Ceoli, and respect your opinion and ideal of what you see as possible for yourself......I'm just a person who wants to see a working example, not just hear ot theorize about it. I just don't see it working around me and am fully aware that it is not for me.

I'm not poly...I've merely found something that against all odds works for me. I'm not asking anyone to change, but I am not wanting to change either. As long as people are happy and healthy I will be fullfilled. I would never say you can't do anything, I'm just saying I won't do it with you.

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