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I hadn't intended on getting on here ever again. Before my profile gets deleted I need to say that I never want sundrop to go away ever. My problems are with my husband and with my self. Learning to not be so selfish. I have tried everything I can think of to show that I am ok with it that I am ok with sundrop being here all of the time. Our problems are nothing bad just things that need worked out but I know it is my issues and that is what I have been saying all along. I am working on my issues and that takes time. I think Sundrop felt threatened by the comments that were left and started to step back again. This is not an easy lifestyle and I understand that. As far as all of the burden falling on me, while it feels like it at times like when I typed my previous post it really isn't. My husband works as many odd jobs as he can, and cooks dinner every night. J lives and eats with us for free so he does the dishes and laundry and tries to keep up with the house work. Sundrop works full time and is responsible for her self so her money is hers. I used to come here when I had a problem, like the original post, to get advise or to just hear others opinions and took from it what i thought would help me personally. I didn't come here to upset anyone. It was just a place where like minded people come who don't know me or the small town I am in. It was a safe place to vent. I have only sundrop and the guys to talk to about all of this. There isn't anyone I can truly trust in this town of gossipers and lairs. Everyone tells me that they mean what they say but when I say something no one listens or believes. This is not me trying to get sympathy or whatever it is me looking for guidance and support. That is no longer the case. I have asked for my account to be closed so I can learn to deal with all of this on my own. My problems are with me more than anyone. I thought I was being given time to work on that but I guess 2 months is all I get. I am sorry to everyone to bring this drama in here. Thank you all for your support and guidance.

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