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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I am absolutely certain you are not important enough to NeonKaos for her to follow you around on threads and take potshots at you
this is a quote from a thread that is not this thread made the same time Ms Kaos seems to have gotten in a snit over me this evening:

Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Probably not. The OP says they want ACCURATE information.
That after I simply offered contact information for two polys I know in Madison Wisconsin where the OP resides. Then magically Neonkaos appeared to post that.
Obviously there was some kind of issue. Hopefully NeonKaos is over it now as she stated, then edited her own post to restate later while adding that I would somehow want anyone to delete posts I had made.

Now tell me again about "rudeness". Keeping in mind I pack one hell of a screen capture archive for situations just like this one.

I've only "trashed" anyone who has used the idea of polyamory to manipulate people. I never said I myself have NEVER known a REAL polyamorist. I've just never dated a real one and the frequency of knowing those who were honest has been rare in my experience. That is hardly trashing polyamory itself at all. Much of what I have said was taken out of context by neonkaos and likewise I was given a very rude series of retorts instead of any real conversation. But if you look back on this thread everyone BUT neonkaos has actually been very on the level and adult mannered. I do not deal in absolutes, generalizations or anamocity. Somehow though this seems to be the perception by this individual. I can understand it may be yours now by proxy not knowing the whole story. That is understandable. Now that all is seen and heard a better understanding now exists. Taken as it is.

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