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You posted your tirade in a section where anyone can respond, debate, challenge you as much as they want. Now you're getting mad, and totally twisting and misunderstanding the feedback a Moderator is giving you. I am absolutely certain you are not important enough to NeonKaos for her to follow you around on threads and take potshots at you - perhaps you just aren't savvy enough to "get" what's been posted. No wonder you were duped by a grifter.

BUT - did you really think you could come to this board and trash polyamory and the people who practice it, and not be challenged by anyone? What good does it do you to come here and spew such nastiness?

Obviously you're pissed -- you let yourself be someone's patsy. However, if you really wanted support you would've just told your story without vilifying the poly "dating pool" and poly in general. We're just calling you on the carpet for your rudeness.
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