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Originally Posted by sage View Post
I would happily do this survey and I started but stopped.
It said it was open to anyone in a relationship where at least one party was polyamorous and then promptly asked the question How long have you been polyamorous? There are many of us who don't identify as polyamorous ourselves but are in relationships with polyamorous people. I did a small casual survey myself amongst others like me and discovered that we are not a very happy tribe.

I know you can't change the survey but how about the preamble to explain a way around this? If you can do this I would post your link in this other forum.
Or maybe the whole survey is too focused on the polyamorous and it just wouldn't work for us? Sorry I quit before checking the rest of the questions and then couldn't get back.
I just substituted polyamorous for "in a polyamorous relationship."
18 y/o mono female with a poly boyfriend
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