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Today was my husband and my second anniversary. We spent the day together, had a really nice dinner (mmmm crab shack) and then he came to Japanese with me since we were driving together.

My hubby is totally all for me spending time with J-kun and I can see that he really wants to get to know this guy too. The only clincher is that I think it's just a little bit awkward for J-kun. He has that train of thought of "Oh, hi, I'm the guy sleeping with your wife." My husband has suggested we need to sit down with him and spell it out for him; because I'm getting the feeling that even if he says he gets it...he doesn't really get it.

It's not that I think he has NO idea what this is...I just think he doesn't understand what it could be. As would be okay to get emotionally involved. If he's comfortable with that; which is the only thing I'm worried about.
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