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Originally Posted by Ism View Post
Ok, I must be saying this wrong.

I AM talking about a long term relationship(s). I am talking about sharing my/our deepest feelings, intamacies, bills, responsibilities, etc

Mine is not a porn fantasy, I only mention it because it seems it would happen every now and again, and from the outside it seems one of the perks of the poly lifestyle. I could be wrong. It's not that big a deal.

It just seems to me that finding myself in a relationship with two women I love and care about is just too much to hope for

I dont fantasize about two women to have sex, but for a more complete love.

I wouldn't want to assume a lifestyle that just afforded me guiltless indulgence, but I would embrace one that set aside the conventions of society and allowed one to seek out one's own happiness.
Dude. You can fantasize about anything you want. You don't need permission from a bunch of strangers on the internet.
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