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Ceoli - based on most of your posts, I have to say that if things don't work out with London, you should consider Vegas, lol. Violet, Anne, and I are continually impressed with your posts and talk about what you must be like in person frequently as a result.

And once again, Ceoli is right on the money.

Dude - many of us here read your posts and get... Uncomfortable? Annoyed and lamed out? All of the above and then some? It's like this - any time somebody points out that at your age you lack experience and a basis for comparitive thinking, you freak out. Since we don't want to offend you, we try not to come off like that or refrain from responding to you at all. Believe me when I tell you - girls just a few years older than you, buch less women almost twice you age age - will NOT tolerate that shit. There's a reason even very young adults use the term "high school crap" so derogatorily - many of the situations you describe are things we chalked up as learning experiences thankfully to be never repeated. As an adult almost exactly twice your age, I can say that it is infuriating trying to share the growth from that experience with someone like you, knowing it is completely wasted.

Both of my women are barely 3 or 4 years your senior. I don't generally shoot that young, they found me, lol, but I digress. The single most amazing thing to me about them - and that's a LONG list to find the top of - is the fact that when I pull the "age card", they LISTEN. It amazes me, because I wasn't NEARLY that mature at 20, lol. Not only are they mature for their age (almost 21 and just barely 21 to be precise), but they are willing to admit when my experience could help them and either ask for advice or respect it when I give it. I try to do this unsolicited very rarely, as you have to live to learn. Sometimes Violet will say to me "why didn't you tel me to handle that differently?" and I will say "because you eeded to figure that one out yourself".

And that's it right there. You have to live to learn, the only way to learn from advice is to take it on merit and faith. Faith lacking, you'll disregard it. And all that is only if you even listen in the first place - which you patently and repeatedly do not. If you don't want input and just want to vent about your life and how the world wrongs you, quit posting here and start a blog.

Otherwise - listen to people who've been there. Believe me, if you print all these threads out and put them in a box and read them again in 13 years, you will be so embarrassed you will burn them, lol. See - thats not an attack, that's a statement from experience - I would love nothing more than to be 17 again but with what I know now, lol!! I would love to take back 90% of what I did and said back then, and I am glad that computers weren't so popular and digital cameras weren't aroud and no facebook or myspace - very little record of my 17 year old idiocy exists outside of my and a few other people's minds. Thank God...
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