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Awesome thread, as this subject has constituted some background noise in our triad for a while.

Me + Violet = a relationship between two people who were open to their partners taking other partners, but we didnt' consider ourselves "swingers" or in an "open" relationship- though by general concensous definition, I suppose an "open relationship" is what we had. I wasn't thrilled about her taking other men, seriously or just flings, but couldn't care ess about her with women. Not only did she not care if I had other women (men not an optio, straight as an arrow), she encouraged it, lol. We wanted to find a unicorn, bu weren't actively looking anymore. Then Anne came along.

Anne knew what we had coming in. Anne has been repressing her bisexuality - indeed, most of her sexuality in general, lol - for her whole life. Monogamy is what she knows, for better or for worse. So it was a leap for her, but she approached US about joining us, not the other way around. And she said it was strange how she didn't care that Violet and I were together, it didn't make her jealous - BUT - other women would be a problem. For me. She would prefer than Violet not have lots of other girls, but would deal - but she said from teh get-go that she would have serious issues if I did.

I was okay with this. Totally worth it - I wasn't exactly taking Violet up on it regularly Okay, barely at all, lol (apparently the way to guarantee monogamy from me is to try and get me to fuck all your friends), and having Anne in our lives was worth the trade.

And now, twomonths and all kinds of other drama later, Anne has started to tease me about sleeping with another woman. In fact, she's starting to see where Violet was coming from (I still don't completely, lol) and agree with her - she thinks the idea of me having an occasional fling is hot.

Total change in mindset for her. And I don't want to do it becuase I'm afraid the reality will hit her and she won't like it the way she thinks she will.

And that's just sex. What if I fell for another woman that wasnt into either or both of them? I've heard a rumor that completely striaight and completely mono women exist, lol. Violet wouldn't care one bit - I don't think Anne would be in real good shape over it despite what she says.

Anyway - I got long again. Interesting thread at an interesting time as it's been in my head for a while now.
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