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Sundrop - sometimes it is hard to pinpoint exactly what we need. We come to the forums and write it all out, vent what is on our minds, so we can better understand what we need. Sometimes that means talking to our SO or OSO and so on and sometimes we realize that it is us that needs to change our expectations. I think that lovinhimlovinher needs to explain to her H what she needs from HIM in order for her to continue to feel all the positive emotions she has been feeling about this relationship.

I know that when I am stressed and feel like I am carrying all the burden (even if I actually am not) it helps to let Runic Wolf know that I need him. I've found that when I don't talk to someone, I let myself feel responsible for more than I actually am, take on more of a personal burden than I can handle and don't understand why I want to cry for seemingly no reason. It took a while for me to let go and seek out Runic Wolf and Wendigo when I am feeling that way, because a part of me wants to spare them from that burden.
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