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"The previous four positions are all bogus. The teacher and the student are both consenting adults who are responsible for their own actions. These so-called transgressions are legitimate, consensual relationships."

this is something i considered and i agree with; i've never MET directly a woman who had been manipulated verbally and convinced by her guru to have sex with him (i have at least one sweet and holy she-friend who made the opposite, she answered nothankyou!). i've been hearing about that*.
in my far new-age period i felt very attracted to my present first spiritual brother and to his spouse who helped me to move my first bigger steps as a Soul; there was no powers game going on, there was/is love and friendship and intimacy -and these are for me "reasons" enough to "allow" two or more people to share sex (and "Live the gods" also in this form/way). we were not sharing love phisically because one of us felt ashamed by conditionings about purity. ... and it was not me

the writer (if i'm not wrong) starts from the statement that the teacher who has sex with other adults, steps in a fault; he gives for granted that it is a mistake. boffff...

where a proibition is imposed (and every so called religion jumping out from our last 6.000years works on it and on its power), transgression HAS to arrive.
when something is proibited, than the same something can be blamed, shame, lousy; and in many many many cases that same thing is absolutely natural and true and genuine and sacre and pure, maybe it is for this reason that it has been forbidden. is it too much?

*concerning people who cut off their head and family and children to feed, take care about and being present with, for "running behind" someone that still they consider as being a teacher, i add a Lavey' quote:
"no one should be protected from the effects of his own stupidity"
i guess, but maybe i'm wrong, that the same kind of persons could create damages to their families while falling in love and running away with some exotic beauties arriving in town.

last but not least (ohhh, how do i love this sentence!!!) it is very likely that in few years it will be clearer for everyone that we may find (without not even looking for) teachers/gurus at every corner and roundtable in our life; first of all: look into the mirror in this way we may be more alert towards eccentric characters influencing our life.
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