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Geez, Mono, stop being so perfect You really are the poster boy for polyamory!!

One of the best parts of our poly experience was when Sundance said he loves Butch Cassidy too. They have developed a very special friendship. When they get together Sundance comes home with tears in his eyes (even though YES, he is a macho cowboy ) and he understands me on a deeper level. I did pick two great guys!

Now Sundance is developing a relationship with a very attractive girl, and I have experienced the other side -- wow, more of a challenge than I realized. I do get a little jealous -- she is gorgeous! He tells me everything but there are times I think I'd rather not know. But then again -- it's so exciting! I am happy (and honored) he shares his NRE with me!
Formerly married to Sundance
Boyfriend -- Butch Cassidy
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