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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
At last: Sward isn't feeling well. He has had back-pain during the last three weeks but never went to see a doctor … as always. I hate this habit of him. He waits and waits some more and when nothing is possible to do about it or endure it any longer, then he thinks about doing something. Because he doesn't want to cause trouble for his fellow workers if he calls in sick. Great for his own health right? Well, he never listens to me when I scold him for it. Typically him kind of. Got this “endure it” mentality. The upshot is that he now can hardly move his lower back and has to see a doctor first thing tomorrow morning. I am worried that he has a slipped disc something along those lines *sigh*.
LOL, typical male behavior. My boss (male) says most men see it as a charater flaw to admit pain and therefore admit weekness. Hope Sward gets things fixed and feels better soon.
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