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After the death of my uncle in April who died of leukemia, my other uncle died yesterday evening because of too many carcinomas (if that is the right term) that spread throughout his body during the last years. His spouse is devastated. She lost her first husband because of the same disease some years ago.

I was really surprised that I took the news so calm and collected when my mother told me. Maybe because the outcome was so clear. I closed this chapter month ago when we were first told how serious his condition was. And it was reassuring that he passed on peacefully during a forced sleep that he wished for. It was the most gentle possibility for him and I was glad that he didn't suffer.

So, we talked a lot and held his spouse while she wept and thought about what to arrange for the funeral. And my mother remembered that Lin tends to draw while listening to tranquil instrumental music pieces. So she asked me if I could ask him to think of a fitting song for the funeral. Now he is just working on a song to cut and edit it to blend in with the mood my mother wished for. I am kind of happy that he is involved despite being this far away, even if it is just such a small thing. And happy because my mother thought of him in this situation.

On the lighter side: During our conversation we kind of broached the topic of my migraine and how I was feeling and I told her that I was on the pill again and it seems to improve my sick headaches quite a bit. (Sward as well as I didn't mention the urgent reason for taking the pill again, obviously ) She was astonished that I was on it again and joked about me being so oblivious that she was sure that Sward had to think for me and look after me to really remember taking it daily. I mentioned that not only Sward was looking out for me, but Lin as well. We synchronized our daily timers because he has to take his medications two times a day and we normally talk to each other during his second intake in the early evening.

That was the point when she looked surprised and laughed: “I don't believe it. Lin has to care for your (meaning Sward's and mine) contraception?! That is priceless. How strange!” Sward and I just smiled and went along. I am really looking forward to tell her what this is all about, but this has to wait for now.

At last: Sward isn't feeling well. He has had back-pain during the last three weeks but never went to see a doctor … as always. I hate this habit of him. He waits and waits some more and when nothing is possible to do about it or endure it any longer, then he thinks about doing something. Because he doesn't want to cause trouble for his fellow workers if he calls in sick. Great for his own health right? Well, he never listens to me when I scold him for it. Typically him kind of. Got this “endure it” mentality. The upshot is that he now can hardly move his lower back and has to see a doctor first thing tomorrow morning. I am worried that he has a slipped disc something along those lines *sigh*.
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