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Let me tell you what RP. If I had the option I would adopt him and keep him. I think if the option were his-he'd choose the same. He's lived in my home more years then he has lived out of it and he resents that he can't have the security my kids have. Funny that when my stepson has to go to my dad's for the same security-but his mom makes it more complicated for him. He knows I will protect him, but he also knows how far she will take the fight. That's a WHOLE other story.
But Maca and I have decided we will take him-we are going to let them know our terms tomorrow and then we'll have to wait and see what they decide to do with it.We don't want or need their money-nothing like that. But we do need some security in our situation which means we need to know when he's leaving and stuff like that.
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