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Default Rough Sketch Fragments Toward A Probable Future Essay

Naked, Nekkid, Naiked...
"The joyous task which confronts an ethic of spontaneity, however difficult it may be, is quite literally to woo people out of their armed shells."

-Alan Watts
An infant is naturally spontaneous and authentic. Who has ever seen an armored and mask-wearing baby? Yet, inevitably, the infant becomes a child and the child an adolescent and then an adult--unless death comes too soon. And a person becomes layered, complex, shielded against both real and imaginary threats or losses.


People in our culture often think that sex is oriented only toward pleasure, toward "getting off". But I think something deeper also is at play in sex, the desire to get naiked. This desire can carry us along a transformational journey which is very much an authentic spiritual path -- regardless of religious affiliation. (Skeptics and atheists are probably closer to the naiked world than most conventionally religious folks.)

Naiked is a word I just coined, from a metaphor: naked. Naked is being in one's birthday suit, or sans clothing. Nekkid, I hear from Southerners, means "turned on and naked" ... Or is it just "turned on"? ... But metaphorical nakedness (which I now call "naiked") is being like a baby again, only as an adult, or perhaps an adolescent. Sexual intimacy, like all intimacy, is potentially a powerful practice we may engage to reclaim our naikedness--which is too painful a loss not to wish to reclaim once one knows one has lost access to it.


This will be continued, of course!

Some of my inspiration for this inquiry comes from this.:
bi, partnered, available

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