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So missing hubs a lot today. It's been a quiet (for the most part) weekend at home, doing homework and reading and hanging with the kids, so not as much to distract me I suppose! We've texted here and there this weekend, but he's been much more out of touch on the weekends he spends with the GF. I'm trying to give them the space to work on the stuff they need to, but just feeling lonely today. I know i'll get through it just fine... going to run to the bookstore with the kids in a minute, and then I have yoga tonight and then start the week over again!

And tomorrow hubs and I have a skype date, so that will be nice. I think, though, I might have to talk to him about maybe getting a bit more contact in throughout the week. Maybe at least one phone call a week in addition to the skype date, and maybe a little more texting. I don't need much more... but a little would be nice.
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